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My name is Mary Leigh Brewer.  Some folks call me Miss Mary and we are breeders of Babydoll Lambs better known as Olde English Miniature Southdowns. These gentle little lambs are the cutest bundles of joy wrapped in a blanket of wool. They are easy to raise and provide limitless hours of enjoyment.

We started raising Babydoll Lambs in 2004 in order to have lambs at the farm year round.  We immediately fell in love with their cute smiling faces and they found a place in our hearts. In the last 11 years, we have placed Babydoll Lambs with families from Maryland to Florida. 

We pray you will find these wonderful bundles of wool: gentle, loving and very trusting.  They will walk beside you, find and steal cookies from your pockets, spend limitless hours calling your name and provide you endless hours of devotion.  Follow our pages as we gladly share the joy of shepherding a small flock of Babydoll Sheep and provide lambs to those who want to help continue this historic breed.

If you would like to raise your own Babydoll Lambs, please give us a call or send us an email.  We will gladly get you started.  It is our privilege to help maintain this heritage breed, strive for the healthiest lambs possible, breed for cuteness and conformation, and provide continued support after the sale. We generally have six to ten lambs born every year anywhere from January to May.  Please visit our reservations page to obtain information about how to reserve your lambs for this coming year.  Our lambs sell quickly and advanced reservations can help ensure you get the color, size, and gender of lambs you want.  All reservations are on a first come, first served basis and are secured with a deposit.

 We love sharing the joy of raising lambs.  Babydoll Lambs as they are generally called because of their little smiling faces first entered the United States before we were a country. The Olde English Miniature Southdown Sheep Registry identifies Babydoll Sheep as, "One of the oldest of the English breeds of sheep is the Southdown, originating on the South Down hills of Sussex County, England.  These small sheep were known for their extreme hardiness and produced meat with unmatched tenderness and flavor than any other breed of sheep." 

Babydoll Lambs were identified early on as an outstanding breed.  In 1780 John Ellman, realized the potential of these animals and set out to standardize the Southdown breed. In England, these small Southdowns grew in popularity up until 1908 when there were approximately 367 registered flocks totaling about 110,000 ewes.  The growth in this breed's development slowed in the early 1900s as World War I brought a sharp decline in their numbers.  By the end of the World War II, the demand for larger cuts of meat had almost forced the breed into extinction.

Patriots such as George Washington, James Madison, Patrick Henry and others during the colonial period are said to have raised these little lambs that were imported from England. Their small size and gentle disposition made them perfect for meat production.  They are also well known for their wool which is sought after by hand spinners.  The micro count is 19-22 and is in the same class as cashmere.  Babydoll fiber can be easily blended with other wools.

As time went on and refrigeration was developed, sheep were bred for larger cuts of meat and more equitable meat production.  By the mid-20th century, Olde English Miniature Southdowns were nearly extinct.  Mr. Robert Mock began a search for miniature sheep in 1986.  Miniature sheep according to breed standard are 24" or less when shorn.  Robert Mock established the Olde English Miniature Southdown Registry in 1991 by establishing a foundation herd.  The registry has continued to grow and there are Babydoll Lambs scattered throughout the country.

Babydoll Lambs make great pets, companion animals, organic weeders for vineyards, orchards, and fields, and sources of high quality wool.  They are known to leave the ground well-groomed and fertilized.

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