Miss Mary's Little Lambs

This is Rebecca's baby girl. She has a wonderful smile and will play with you all day long. 

This is Angel's little boy. He was born 3/23/2015 and weighed 4 lbs. He is a beautiful white lamb with a rambunctious mature. He loves to play and beg for cookies.  

This is Gracie's little girl. She was born 3/22/2015 and weighed 4 lbs. She is a beautiful chocolate lamb with a gentle mature and a curious personality.


Sarah delivered this wonderful bundle of joy.  We named her Anna because she had to be hand fed.  Her mother died suddenly two days after her birth.


Miss Mary delivered Baby Bell on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.  Her birth was truly a miracle. She weighed 2.5 lbs. and was bottle fed.

   1 SOLD

Rebecca delivered her twins at 6 am on Sunday, March 15, 2015.  They are a little girl and boy, weighing 3 lbs. each.

2015 Reservations Call 757-472-3583 or email me at missmaryslittlelambs@cox.net or maryleigh@missmaryslittlelambs.com

Unregistered Ewes: $450

Unregistered Wethers:   $450

Registered Ewes: $650

Registered Rams: $650

 Please note that unregistered lambs are sold as pets only and not intended to be used as registered  breeding stock.