Miss Mary's Little Lambs

We started raising sheep in 2002.  Our flocks have varied from Suffolk's to Border Leichester's to Olde English Miniature Southdown's.  We have raised Olde English Miniature Southdown's better known as Babydoll Lambs since 2004. All of our breeding ewes are registered with Robert Mock, who was instrumental in saving this breed from extinction. Our flock consists of five ewes, two of whom are black and three are white. They produce lambs that are smaller than most and generally weigh less than 65 pounds when full grown.

We find Babydoll lambs very gentle and easy to raise.  They stay healthy and produce beautiful dense wool.  Each of our sheep have their own distinct personality.  It is a joy to help sustain this historic breed that originates in Great Britian and was introduced to America in the late 1700's.  Give us a call at 757-472-3583 or email us at missmaryslittlelambs@cox.net or maryleigh@missmaryslittlelambs.com to join us in raising Babydoll Lambs.