Miss Mary's Little Lambs

Meet Our Sheep

Miss Mary - came to us from Maryland in 2005 and has really been the mother figure for our flock.  She works each day to keep everything in order, protecting the other ewes and tending to her lambs.  Miss Mary is black, but her wool fades to a light brown due to the brilliance of the Virginia sun.  She has an excellent conformation and generally produces a single lamb each Spring.  Her lambs are always healthy and grow rapidly.  They are generally dark black and very friendly.

Miss Gracie - came to us from another Maryland farm in 2006 and joined Miss Mary as our second black ewe.  She too is very active and produces excellent lambs.  Some of her lambs have retained her dominant black gene, but others have been white.  She will generally twin and has given us beautiful lambs.  She is an excellent mother and has the most beautiful call to her lambs just seconds after they are born.

Sarah - came to us from South Carolina, yet she was born in Pennsylvania.  Sarah is white and generally will twin.  She is a rather straight forward lady that knows what she likes and is determined to get it.  When it comes to stealing cookies, Sarah is a professional.  You can just give up and feed them to her or play a game of hide and go seek.  She will get them in the end.

Rebecca - came to us from South Carolina along with Sarah.  She is also originally from Pennsylvania and is very gentle.  She is white and has given us both single and twin lambs.  She is an excellent mother and generally delivers without any assistance.  Her lambs are generally smaller than some of the others and provide an interesting size of little lambs.

Angel - truly lives up to her name.  She is an angel.  We give Angel the special attention that she needs.  She is the last to approach the feed trough and the first to get pushed out-of-the-way.  Angel generally gets to eat in her own pen and loves the extra attention.  She produces twin lambs and is an excellent mother.  Her distinctive call to her babies will break your heart.  Just hearing her call tells you that she loves them so much.

Lilly- came to our farm as a wonderful donation from Dr. Danny Williams in Yorktown, Virginia.  He asked us to provide her with a good home and she settled in immediately.  Lilly joined us in June 2015 and is right at home with the whole bunch.

Abraham - is our only ram.  He was born in Virginia and came to us from Yorktown.  He is a small framed ram and weighed under 100 lbs., when he came to our farm in 2010.  Abraham has gained significant weight since his arrival and continues to produce beautiful lambs each year.  He is white and has the most beautiful smile.

Noah - was our first ram and passed away in 2011.  He gave us many beautiful lambs and also some interesting piggy back rides.  Noah will always be remembered for wanting his head rubbed.  It is generally not recommended to rub a ram's head due to stimulating the "Butting Reflex", but Noah liked it so much we could not refuse.


As you can tell by our choice of names, we are a Christian family seeking to "Serve God by Serving Others."